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The images on this website are part of a collection of approximately 50,000 photographs. If you are looking for a specific image, please contact us and we will search our image database for you.

All images in the Memory and Social Movements collection have a watermark with the author’s ©copyright and are available for consultation and free assignment upon request to students, researchers, research centers and organizations of social movements.

The images in the National Council of Women's Rights collection that do not have authorship identification are available for free assignment.

The Images of the National Women's Rights Council with authorship identification are protected by Law #9.610 of 19/12/1998 (the Copyright Act). It is the responsibility of the interested party to seek authorization from their authors before using them.

Applicants must complete the Image Request Registration Form, stating how they intend to use the photos and agreeing with the terms and conditions of use. After approval, the photos will be forwarded via e-mail, in high resolution without the watermark.

The assignment of the right of use of the photos by photographer Claudia Ferreira will be made through direct negotiation between the applicant and the author who will contact the applicant via the email provided by the applicant in the Register Form.

Each image is identified by an image code. The request must be made by informing this code and stating the use to be made of the image.

Image Request Registration Form
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