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The images on this site are available for consultation, editorial and institutional use in any media. It is forbidden to use any of the images for advertising and/or publicity purposes.

The Rights of Image of the persons identifiable in the pictures belong to them and are inviolable. The improper use of these images shall be the sole responsibility of those who obtained the license to use them, whether an individual or a legal entity, being the same subject to the legal sanctions pertaining to this act. The Centro de Atividades Culturais, Econômicas e Sociais (CACES), is authorized to use some of the images editorially, but it has not been possible to identify and contact all persons that appear in the photographs. At any time, any person who is aggrieved in their image rights may request the withdrawal of their image from the site.

Licensed images cannot be used for any purpose prejudicial to the honor or dignity of the individuals portrayed in the photographs. The holder of the license to use, whether an individual or a legal entity, shall assume sole responsibility regarding the misuse of such images, bearing all expenses and costs resulting from lawsuits for the illegal, defamatory, libelous or injurious use of any image.

The copyright of all photographs in the Memory and Social Movements collection belong to the photographer Claudia Ferreira and are protected by Law #9.610 of 19/12/1998 (the Copyright Act). The name of the author must appear legibly, identifying each published photograph and it is forbidden to alter or cut any image without prior permission. Any unauthorized use of these images shall be deemed a violation of the Copyright Act and shall be subject to the penalties determined by law.

The copyright of the photographs in the Conselho Nacional dos Direitos da Mulher Collection belong to their authors and the user must seek authorization for their use from their authors. CACES being exempt from any responsibility regarding the use of such photographs without the prior permission of the authors. The photographs published without crediting its author will be subject to a fine, according to Law #9.610 of 02/19/98, using as a guideline the minimum prices recommended by the Union of Professional Journalists of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

The assignment of image copyrights is made for each specific use and does not give the user the ownership of the images. The user, whether an individual or a legal entity, may not, under any circumstances, assign the licensed image to a third party.

These terms and conditions represent a legal agreement between CACES and the user. To use the images contained in this site, the user must express his/her acceptance and agreement with them. The forum of Rio de Janeiro City – Brazil, is elected to settle any legal dispute regarding this Agreement.

If you appear in any photo and want to formally authorize us to use it, according to the terms and conditions of use established between CACES and users that may use the photographs, please complete the form below and check the option I AUTHORIZE THE USE OF MY IMAGE.

If you want your image to be removed from the Memory and Social Movements image database, please fill out the form below and select the option I DO NOT AUTHORIZE THE USE OF MY IMAGE.

Image Rights