The Project

The Memory and Social Movements Project aims to contribute to preserving the memory of contemporary social movements and to be a source for the Public History of Brazilian social movements, in particular feminist movements from the 70s to the present day.

The photographs, which are of an ethnographic and journalistic nature, authored by photographer Claudia Ferreira, are part of a collection of about 130,000 images that are available at, along with informative captions for consultation that can be made available to students, researchers, research centers and social movements organizations, upon authorization, free of charge.

The site also divulges the publications of the Centre for Cultural, Economic and Social Activities, texts and links related to social movements, and the iconographic collection of the National Council of Women's Rights (CNDM) for the period between 1985 and 2009, consisting of photographs and posters of women's movements and of the history of CNDM.

Users are invited to contribute by adding information to captions or by identifying persons that appear in the photos. These contributions will allow for the expansion of the database on the Contemporary History of social movements in Brazil and on its protagonists.

The project, coordinated by CACES, had the support of the Department of Policies for Women, the Brazilian Institute of Museums and the Institute of International Education and enjoys the institutional support of the Laboratory of Oral History and Image, of the Federal Fluminense University and of the Advanced Program of Contemporary Culture, of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2013 the Memory and Social Movements Project received the ‘Brazilian Memories’ award granted by the Brazilian Institute of Museums of the Ministry of Culture.